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About Us

Kaplan Planners Ltd. is one of Israel’s leading firms in strategic and spatial planning. The firm specializes in formulating regional and national master plans in the areas of development policies; agricultural planning policies;  reservation and rehabilitation of natural resources and biodiversity, forests and nature reserves; rivers and coastal planning; as well as tourism and environment. The firm consists of a team of experts in the areas of planning, architecture, agro-economy, soil surveys, environment and natural resources development, as well as various technologies. Kaplan Planners Ltd. operates both in Israel and globally, with a focus on countries in Africa, South America and the Far East.

Sustainable development is the fundamental principle guiding all facets of the firm's activities. Sustainable development rests on three pillars – society, economics, and the environment – and its goal is the integration and balancing of all three. This approach to development forms a comprehensive process in which the effects of planning and implementation are examined beyond the scope of the project with the aim of preserving and maintaining the natural resources and the environment to the general benefit of current and future generations.

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